Memorable Christmas cards can really make the difference when it comes to showing people how much they mean to you. Whilst your work colleagues and neighbours may be happy receiving a little card in the mail with season’s greetings, often our friends and families deserve more. Take a look at these ways in which you can be sure that your Christmas cards stay in someone’s memories this year.

Avoid mass produced

One of the best ways to send memorable Christmas cards this year is to avoid anything mass produced everyone will have a ton of cards on their mantel piece from the major supermarket chains. Instead of following suit when it comes to Christmas cards you should consider shopping for yours online, going for handcrafted ones or even selecting designer one off cards that truly make a statement.

Think ethical

Thinking ethically when it comes to Christmas cards will make it a memorable experience for everyone. Consider choosing charity Christmas cards from in which the profits will be given to those in need. You can also select costumes cards made from recycled materials and Christmas cards crafted by local artists to make it extra special.

Go for a photo op

Another incredibly easy way to make Christmas cards memorable is to choose the photo card. With the advent of technology now you can turn family photos into Christmas cards for others to treasure and keep in a professional manner.

Write a little note

Last but not least it is easy to make Christmas cards memorable simply by hand writing a special note inside the card. Le someone know you are thinking of them, send news and updates and make it personal to the receiver to bring love and beauty to your Christmas cards this season.

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